The Advent Christian Church of South Eliot
The Advent Christian Church of South Eliot 

                     ABOUT US

We seek to love God by obeying both of Jesus commands: 

Great Commission by making disciples

Great Commandment by loving others as we love ourselves.


Mission Statement 

"To know Jesus Christ and make Him known to others."

In our pursuit of this vision we will be:

Biblical - Our message and practice will not be governed by creeds or confessions, but by careful study of God's Word alone. Our purpose, principles and practice will be directed by orthodox biblical Christianity as defined in the Scriptures.


Relational - Our ministries will be delivered through the establishment of meaningful relationships with those who believe and those who don't. We will commit to establishing trust and mutual accountability with our partners in ministry and those we seek to serve.


Missional - Driven by the biblical mandate to bring the gospel to the ends of earth, we will encourage other believers to live as missionaries in their own spheres of influence because we understand that all believers have been sent by Jesus Christ with the message of the cross to their own unique culture and community in order to glorify God and build his kingdom.

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What Keeps Us Going Forward

 We love the Lord and we love the people of our community. We are committed to following the Great Commission of Jesus when He said to "Go Make Disciples." We strive to know Jesus and to make Him known to others.

Advent Christian Church

  of South Eliot

256 Pleasant St

Eliot, Maine 03903

Church Phone 

207 439-1550

  Pastor Charlie Downes

   Or use our contact form.

Gathering Times

We're here to welcome you. 

Please stop by during these hours:


Worship Service

 9:45 AM to 11:00 AM

We Do Not Have An

Evening Service at our church, but there is at:

 Sunday Evening Service

6:00 PM

Meetinghouse Village 

143 Rogers Road

Kittery, Maine

Rev. Robert Hett, Preaching


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